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What I Would Change About The Music Industry: Digitized and Desensitized

One of the things I dislike most about the music industry is also something I really enjoy, so I suppose I’ll have to be the objective Devil’s advocate – or just seem contradictory. What I’m talking about here is technology in distribution. Basically digital music. To preface what follows: when I say I dislike these things, know that my band uses all the digital platforms for our music, and I’d like to think we use them well. But my complaint is that technology has made so much music available that…

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GUEST BLOG: Artists vs. Venues – A Love Story

Based on a true story: Artist: Hey, can my band play here? Venue: Sure, we have an open Thursday night. How many people you bringing in? Artist: What? Oh, um … I don’t know. Do you want to hear our music? Venue: Nah. If you’re good people will show up, right? Artist: Um, I guess. Venue: Good. Here’s 50 tickets. You need to sell a minimum of 25 for $10. Beyond that, you get $1 per ticket you sell. Artist: Oh, okay. But it’s a weeknight, what if we can…

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CONTEST: Win A Free Copy Of Hydrogen Skyline’s Hey Sly King Drone EP

Do you enjoy giveaway contests for free music? Of course you do! Infectious Magazine is delighted to team up with alternative pop/rock quartet Hydrogen Skyline to give you the chance to win a free copy of their brand new EP, Hey Sly King Drone. To enter the contest, all you have to do is follow the band AND Infectious Mag on Twitter and re-tweet this post to your followers. It’s that simple! The contest runs until midnight on Tuesday, February 24. Ten (10) lucky winners will be selected on Wednesday, February 25….

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GUEST BLOG: Paradigm Shifts (or: Surviving) In A Dying Industry

If you can believe what you hear, the music industry has been hemorrhaging money for decades. According to money.cnn, in just the decade between 1999 and 2009 music has gone from a $14.6 billion dollar industry to a $6.3 billion dollar industry – in the US alone. While there are quick answers to point blame at internet radio, piracy, and the sporadic attention span of consumers, the question really comes down to, “how will this affect the music of the future?” Jared Leto of 30 Seconds to Mars answers it…

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