Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance) Working On New Music

Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance) has announced that he is working on a new project, though it won’t be a solo one. Check out an article excerpt after the jump, and the full article here. Please follow and like us:

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Album Review: Empyrios ‘Zion’

In a genre often called stale, unimaginative or terribl , it is refreshing to see a band take elements of the genre, and make them their own. Though there are great bands in the post-hardcore genre, sometimes it needs shaking up. Rimini, Italy’s Empyrios appear to be setting out to do just that. Their latest release, Zion, is likely to be enjoyed by a genre fan. Please follow and like us:

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Album Review: Schematic ‘Color (n.) Inside the Lines’

Upon pressing play, I immediately hear the growl and power of a heavily distorted guitar.  I think, this is going to be my new “angry” music, but the further into the album I get, I realize this album is so much more than a single emotion. The songs on Color (n.) Inside the Lines sound as if Radiohead, Three Days Grace, and Local Natives had a technicolored baby.  The mixing of various types of instrumentation cause an eargasm for this listener.  Just as I get into a rocking guitar groove, I’m…

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Track By Track: Rachel Brown “Building Castles”

1. Bumblebee came about when I was halfway through writing a song and got hit with writer’s block. While I was sitting there struggling to come up with the rest, my friend called me and asked if I would sing at her wedding the following weekend. I was honored, and as soon as we got off of the phone, I was inspired to write the rest of the song in minutes. I performed it for the first time at her wedding. 2. I wrote Four Leaf Clovers in a totally…

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