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ALBUM REVIEW: Wind In Sails ‘Darker Nights’

Evan Pharmakis, previous vocalist and co-founder of Vanna, decided to take a different route back in the year of 2012. He left the band and pursued a solo acoustic project under the name Wind in Sails, a title derived from his comforting connection with a small beach in Massachusetts.  He recently released his second album, Darker Nights; an EP filled with meaningful lyrics and sincerity, something that few artists have the courage to express. Please follow and like us:

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Here’s the thing about music. It is, in its most basic form an imprint. It makes an impression on your life, for better or worse, and it sticks with you throughout all of life’s greatest moments and heartaches. You will carry it with you throughout the trials and tribulations, quietly playing in the back of your mind, and when 5 years later you hear those songs again, you’ll be instantly transported back to those days. In this sense, music is without a doubt one of our most powerful triggers, our…

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HIM Rock Allegiance Tour Set List

HIM are currently out on the Rock Allegiance tour with Airborne, All That Remains, and Volbeat. Check out their set list after the jump! You can check out their music, purchase a CD or vinyl, or buy concert tickets here. Please follow and like us:

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