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Fall Out Bird 2.0 To Be Released

Fall Out Bird, which is currently available on iOS, is a pretty great game – and it’s about to get even better! Fall Out Boy has plans to release Fall Out Bird 2.0 in the near future. With this update, there will be new gameplay and harder obstacles. For a glimpse at how the update will improve the gaming experience, check out some screenshots below, after the jump. For more from Fall Out Boy, you can purchase a CD of their music here. And to see them live on tour,…

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Alternative Press App Allows Free Artery Management Music Streaming

The Alternative Press app allows for users to interact with the magazine in several ways. This month, music from Artery Foundation Management’s clientele is available for streaming  throughout the whole month. Check out a tweet from the magazine after the jump. Please follow and like us:

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Fall Out Bird Launches For iPhone Despite Controversy

Although we reported just the other day that the Fall Out Bird app would most likely not make it to iOS, it seems that it’s officially launched despite the crackdown from Apple. The game is the bands own, almost exact, replica of the popular Flappy Bird game, which was deleted from the app store only weeks after creation. In this version, instead of playing as a bird, you play as members of Fall Out Boy. To download the app for free, you can go to the Apple store here. Fall…

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Fall Out Boy Flappy Bird Parody Not To Be Made Available For iPhone

Although we reported last week that Fall Out Bird, a Fall Out Boy version of the hugely popular Flappy Bird app, was going to be released, now we sadly have to say that iPhone users most likely will not get the chance to play the game after all. Apple has taken a stand against any apps that are said to be copying an original app that’s already in existence, and the company claimed that people are attempting to use the popularity of the original Flappy Bird app to benefit themselves….

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How To Successfully Crowdfund Your Next Album

Crowdfunding a project, business venture, or band is not easy work. We’ve failed and succeeded at this and something we’ve learned is that there has to be a good reason for why you’re asking people for their money. Once you’ve figured that out, plan out your tiers of rewards. This is crucial. Our successful crowdfunding project happened when our van, along with all of our merchandise and equipment, was stolen. At first, we thought we had nothing. Then we realized we still had our music – no one could steal that from…

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Twitter Launches #Music App

Today, Twitter has announced the launch of its free new music service Twitter #Music, available online and for iPhone devices, with Android support to follow. The app will serve as a music discovery service by taking advantage of tweets, hashtags, and user engagement to recommend popular tracks and emerging artists. Read more after the jump. Please follow and like us:

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