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Death Of The iPod Classic

Apple’s online store has stopped selling the iPod Classic. This, for Apple, marks the end of an era. Check out a report from 9to5 about this news below, after the jump. And be sure to purchase a CD or buy concert tickets from your favorite bands to show your support (and to put them on your iPod, of course).     Please follow and like us:

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5 Tracks To Wander Off To

I lived in Spain for a bit, and when I first got there my laptop broke so I couldn’t add new music to my iPod; disaster! In a jail-break gone wrong I then managed to lose half of what was on there. Which resulted in me making do with very little music, for quite a lot of journeying, and I got pretty obsessive about the songs I did have access to. These are 5 of those songs, songs that survived almost constant attention, songs that Iʼll always associate with discovering…

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Stereophonic Sabbatical: Why Using One Headphone Is Actually A Great Idea

So back in 2013 I guess you could say I fell on a bit of hard times.  Anyone who has ever owned an iPod for more than a year or two knows exactly the predicament I found myself in sometime around the first week of September this past year; one side of my earbuds stopped working.  My right earbud was working like a champ until the outro to Into It. Over It.’s “Staring At The Ceiling” kicked in.  There was a snap, crackle, pop, and finally a slow receding fizzle…

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ALBUM REVIEW: Ballroom Boxer ‘Sundownr’

Right from the get-go, there is something irresistible about the Ballroom Boxer’s Sundownr EP. “American Bonfire” is carried by beautiful guitar. Lyrically, the song seems almost like what would happen if William Beckett covered Bruce Springsteen, what with the patriotic vibes. There are parts where the track reminds me of something from the ’80s, however, there is a line that stands out as original, especially in how it is delivered, and easily sums up the vibe of the song: “You don’t know until you know you don’t know.” Please follow…

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