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iTunes Gets Bonus Tracks From ‘1989’ News Pop 

iTunes Gets Bonus Tracks From ‘1989’

Taylor Swift announced some exciting news for her Swifties yesterday. She is releasing the bonus track from 1989 to iTunes. Before yesterday, these songs were only available in the Target Deluxe edition of the album, now you don’t need to live by a Target to own them. Immediately following the announcement (check it out after the jump), the first song, “Wonderland” was released. The other two tracks, “You Are In Love,” and “New Romantics,” will be sporadically uploaded over the course of the week. Get these tracks and the rest of the…

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iTunes Gets Strict With Cover Criteria Alternative Indie Metal News Pop Pop Punk Rock 

iTunes Gets Strict With Cover Criteria

This one may be a bit off-book for the news normally covered by Infectious Magazine. However, it is notable that iTunes recently made an announcement that says, covers released in the future will need to pass several strict criteria before being allowed to be sold through Apple. Songs cannot have the original performer’s name and bands may not use other artist names in their own. Tribute bands are the most common example of the latter. These covers must also not sound too similar to the original. So what is the reasoning…

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GUEST BLOG: Touring Tips You Didn’t Know You Needed Alternative Features Guest Blogs Indie News Pop 

GUEST BLOG: Touring Tips You Didn’t Know You Needed

We will start with what is, for some, the most important touring tip of them all. 1. Bring some nice noise-cancelling headphones on tour.  I can’t stress how important this is for your sanity. There is no privacy when you are on the road. Typically you go to sleep in a room full of your band members and then you wake up to a room full of your band members. On tour you will be eating together, sitting in a vehicle for long hours of the day together, waiting in police…

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CONTEST: $15 iTunes Gift Card Giveaway Contests 

CONTEST: $15 iTunes Gift Card Giveaway

Do you like scary movies? Of course you do! Do you like free music? Well, duh! You’d be crazy not to. So why not combine the two? One lucky winner will receive a $15 iTunes Gift Card thanks to the new horror movie, The Devil’s Hand. To enter, all you have to do is Like us on Facebook and write on our wall “I just entered to win a $15 iTunes Gift Card! Details:  ” If you’re looking for something fun and scary to do on Halloween, download The Devil’s Hand and…

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We Are The In Crowd’s “Manners” Free On iTunes News Pop Punk 

We Are The In Crowd’s “Manners” Free On iTunes

We Are The In Crowd announced recently that their song “Manners” was selected as the single of the week by iTunes, so you can download it for free here. The song comes off of their second and latest album, Weird Kids, which came out earlier this year in February. In October, they will be starting a North American tour with New Found Glory. The tour will last from October 3 until November 8. To listen to more of We Are The In Crowd, you can purchase a CD here. And to…

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ALBUM REVIEW: New Medicine ‘Breaking the Model’ Album Reviews Indie News Pop Pop Punk Reviews Rock 

ALBUM REVIEW: New Medicine ‘Breaking the Model’

There are three things that put New Medicine near the top of my “new music I absolutely love” list. Number one: The theme behind their newest album Breaking the Model. The name says it all, and anyone who knows me will know that I’m all about stickin’ it to society. So far New Medicine is off to a good start in my book. Number two: This alternative rock quartet is from Minneapolis. It’s not that I feel obligated to like every band from good ol’ Minnesota, but when the band…

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How To Delete The U2 Album Off Of Your iTunes News Rock 

How To Delete The U2 Album Off Of Your iTunes

As many of you probably noticed, there is a new album in your iTunes that you didn’t pay for and chances are you didn’t want. The album, Songs of Innocence, was released by U2 in a collaboration with apple a few days ago. However, here is the catch, instead of letting people who wanted to, buy it, they forced it upon 500,000,000 of us by putting it in our iTunes without permission. So, naturally the question everyone is asking is “How do I remove it from my account.” Yesterday apple released…

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Final iTunes Festival Lineup Announced Indie Metal News Pop Pop Punk Rock 

Final iTunes Festival Lineup Announced

Apple has announced the final iTunes Festival lineup! If you’ll be attending the festival in London, if you’ll be watching it on TV, or if you’re just curious, you can check out who will be playing each of the 30 days below, after the jump. And be sure to buy concert tickets and purchase a CD from your favorite artists to show your support!

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