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Musicians You Didn’t Know Could Act & Vice Versa

These days in the entertainment industry, it is amongst many celebrity’s tactics to become a double or triple threat – to be an actor, singer, and, if they’re capable, a dancer – to essentially (as I would say) take over the world. Many have already managed to do so, making the crossover from either side in equal amounts, and some surprisingly successful in doing so. From many well-known hybrid entertainers to others you never would have guessed, here are a handful of musically-inclined actors and acting-inclined musicians that will give…

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11 Best Movies About Music Features Film Reviews Lists Reviews 

11 Best Movies About Music

Some of us like music. Some of us like movies… Okay, who am I kidding? We all love both and there’s no denying it. And what’s better than mixing two of our favorite things together into one – the lovely genre that is musical or music-based movies, of which there are plenty to choose from. There are those that are purely musical (you know, where there’s hardly any real talking and it’s a singing conversation), those that are inspired by bands, those that are about bands, those about people with…

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Tenacious D Announce Rock Comedy Festival, ‘Festival Supreme’

Today, Tenacious D (comedic rock duo of Jack Black & Kyle Gass) went public with the details of their upcoming rock comedy festival, Festival Supreme. This will be a one-day event taking place on October 19 at the Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica, CA. The line-up for the festival will feature 25 acts that were hand chosen by Tenacious D themselves. Festival Supreme is a 21+ event and will feature acts as prominent as Adam Sandler and Zach Galifianakis as well as up and comers like Hannibal Buress and…

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