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REVIEW: The Gaslight Anthem Take Us Home One Last Time (Asbury Park, NJ)

Days into my Freshman year at a now defunct arts school thousands of miles away from home, I got dumped. Hard. Not only dumped, but replaced. Which, for an overly dramatic, heartbroken, homesick college co-ed, was just the worst thing ever. I wandered the mean streets of Chester, New Hampshire desperately searching for a place that felt like home to sit and lick my wounds. On one particularly cliche and dramatic night, I found myself wandering the graveyard alone. Laid flat on my back atop a quintessentially New England stone…

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The Scandals Features Guest Blogs 

Spotlight: Jared Hart (The Scandals)

Youth Brigade claims that old punks don’t die, they just cash in. I’m not really all that old, but I think they might just be right. As with any mildly tormenting life event worth its salt, there are many stages. There’s denial, (“These new Doc Martens hurt my back. No of course it’s not just my sciatica!”), there’s confusion, (“What is an Antiserum and why is it playing Warped Tour?”) and then there’s anger, (“Damnit Danzig! Just stop it!’). But every now and then there’s a light in the dark….

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