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Live Review: Brave Shores EP Release, Toronto

I’ve been in Toronto for just over a week, and already I’m enamored with their music scene. With the vast number of venues, labels, and enthusiastic bands pouring out of the city, the pulse of the music community here seems to be just what my heart was missing. Heading out to the debut EP release of electro-pop duo Brave Shores, I carried with me a few uncertainties about the city’s music scene. But when I stepped into The Drake Hotel, all of those uncertainties slipped away. In this perfectly sized room, there…

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DVD REVIEW: The Dirties

The Dirties is a movie that, for the lack of a better analogy, punches you in the face  and demands your attention. It’s a film that is kind of hard to completely understand and appreciate with just one watch, so that probably explains why I’ve watched it close to a gazillion times. The Dirties is an independent film by Canadian filmmaker Matt Johnson, and it chronicles the life of two best friends who are constantly bullied and then plot revenge against those who have bullied them. The three-disc special limited…

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Back in October we brought you our review of director Matt Johnson‘s debut film, The Dirties, which Kevin Smith not only called “The most important film you’ll see all year” but also presented via his Kevin Smith Movie Club. Recently, we had the opportunity to speak with Matt and delve a bit deeper into the film, the issues of school bullying and violence, and scenes that didn’t make the cut. Check it out below. Please follow and like us:

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