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ALBUM REVIEW: Zachary Russell ‘An Acoustic Christmas’

The holidays are in full swing and now that December is upon us, we can finally start to enjoy all the Christmas music that is playing everywhere we go. Even though every song we hear is just a different rendition of the same song we heard ten minutes ago. Well, Musician Zachary Russell has just the solution for those Christmas song blues. Russell has released an entirely instrumental acoustic album just in time for the holidays titled An Acoustic Christmas. I was pretty intimidated when I realized this album was…

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‘Tis the Season For A Punk Rock Christmas: Top 10 Songs To Kickstart Christmas

Although it’s shoved in our faces as we turn the corner on Halloween, Christmas can be an exciting time for music.  From brand new Christmas tunes, to the classics that have been covered thousands of times, the end of the year is a great time to discover new music.  Don’t get me wrong, just because a song like Jingle Bells has been covered thousands of times doesn’t make a new interpretation any less exciting.  When done right, Christmas songs, even the classics, can easily rival any other song that lives…

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Christopher Bayda 17 Days For Kickstarter Goal

Rockin‘ Around the Town Square or better known as RATTS has become an annual event in Columbiana, Ohio, since 2008. Musical director and lead guitarist, Christopher Bayda, has seen a high demand for a CD to be made. With the help of vocalists Greg and Natalie Sprouse, drummer Roger Lewis and fans, an album–We Wish You a Merry ROCKIN’ Christmas–may be possible. Bayda has 17 days to raise just a little over 2K, donate now! Check out their track list after the jump. Please follow and like us:

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