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Marriage In Music: How To Make It Work

Being married to a band member is not that uncommon – The White Stripes, Arcade Fire, Sonic Youth and Cults (to name a few) all contain married couples. But what’s it like being married to a band mate? Well, let’s face it, anyone who’s ever been in a band and really worked at it, knows that your relationship with a band mate can be very much like a marriage anyway. First of all there’s the honeymoon period – your band is newly formed and everyone has a wide eyed, almost…

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Top 5 Alternative Pop Albums

Craving a little alt pop? Scroll below for Talk In Colour’s list of the top 5 alternative pop albums. Jeff Buckley: Grace  I think I once splashed out on a copy of Mojo when I was about 16 and it said somewhere that I had to buy Grace. I took a punt and went out and bought it, and pretty much instantaneously fell in love with those angsty guitar riffs, soaring, soulful vocals… It’s just perfect from start to finish. If you’re only going to live to make one album……

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