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PREMIERE: K-Bust “Love Is A Battlefield” (Cover)

Today Infectious is proud to partner with Montreal electro-pop sensation K-Bust for the premiere of her cover “Love Is A Battlefield,” the second single off her forthcoming album, Fearless. “Love Is A Battlefield” is one of those songs that’s been introduced into your playlist by the influence of a family member who spent a big part of her/his youth in the 80’s,” starts K-Bust. “That family member happens to be my mother. It soon became one of my favorites. I think what I love most about it is its melody; it’s true…

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Mental Health Matters: Self-Care & Dealing With Depression

Another day passes by, everything looks normal; it’s just life, sometimes stressful, sometimes quiet. Even though we have people around who love us and we love, there’s something that doesn’t feel quite right. Sudden changes in mood, that become hard to understand, one minute we’re laughing our heads off and the minute later we just want to be alone all by ourselves and even cry for no reason. Being a workaholic has made me forget about all these feelings that I’ve been carrying in my heart for so long. Growing…

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