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The Most Important Thing I’ve Learned: Emotional Connection (How We Made 125k on Kickstarter)

This past year, our band launched a Kickstarter campaign that landed us on their front page and became the highest grossing music campaign of 2016. We asked our fans for $2,016, optimistic that we would surpass this symbolic goal, and ended up with over 125K a few weeks later. It was insane. We live in Nashville and several of our musician friends have asked us why we thought it was so successful. They want us to reverse-engineer the outcome, so they too can achieve mega crowd funding success with their fans. We…

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WATCH: The Blackout Release Trailer For Farewell Documentary

If you didn’t know, Welsh rockers The Blackout are calling it a day pretty soon. Very soon, actually. Their last ever tour begins in just a few days time and you can buy any remaining tickets here. After 12 years together, countless tours, six albums and travelling around the globe together, they decided it was no longer viable to carry on doing what they were doing. Then, following popular demand, The Blackout announced last month that they would be releasing a documentary entitled “This Is Where The Story Ends”. The project went up…

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ALBUM REVIEW: Instead of Sleeping ‘Young Lungs’

Music lovers who are fans of The Academy Is will like Instead of Sleeping. No, that isn’t a new way to say that you’ll be losing sleep (though would we really complain when it involves good music?) – Instead of Sleeping is an indie rock band from Pittsburgh, set to release their newest album, Young Lungs, on May 22nd. Although they channel a bit of William Beckett and his accompanying band, Instead of Sleeping adds a elements to their music that put them in a league all their own. With…

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ALBUM REVIEW: Framing Hanley

Framing Hanley’s long awaited third album, titled The Sum of Who We Are, is finally here! But it wasn’t without a few hiccups along the way, which would explain the almost four year stretch between now and their last release, A Promise To Burn, in May 2010. From the departure of bassist Luke McDuffee in August, to some legal issues with the album that lead to postponing The Sum of Who We Are‘s original October release date, Framing Hanley has had their hands full. But the group pushed forward and with the…

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Sparrow Sleeps Launches Kickstarter For Brand New Lullabies Vinyl Release

Sparrow Sleeps, who has been creating lullaby versions of popular songs by Fall Out Boy, Blink-182 and others, has launched a Kickstarter campaign. The campaign is aimed at funding a vinyl pressing of the lullabies he’s made of Brand New’s songs, which he hopes to release this summer. You can be part of the process and help fund the Kickstarter here, and check out what Sparrow Sleep has to say about the campaign below, after the jump. In addition, you can check out more lullabies by Sparrow Sleeps here. For…

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STREAM: The Venetia Fair ‘The Venetia Fair…Basically Just Does Karaoke’

The Venetia Fair have released their brand new cover EP, The Venetia Fair…Basically Just Does Karaoke just in time for Christmas! You can stream it below, and purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here. Please follow and like us:

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How To Successfully Crowdfund Your Next Album

Crowdfunding a project, business venture, or band is not easy work. We’ve failed and succeeded at this and something we’ve learned is that there has to be a good reason for why you’re asking people for their money. Once you’ve figured that out, plan out your tiers of rewards. This is crucial. Our successful crowdfunding project happened when our van, along with all of our merchandise and equipment, was stolen. At first, we thought we had nothing. Then we realized we still had our music – no one could steal that from…

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From First To Last Reach Kickstarter Goal

It was a great day for post-hardcore fans everywhere when From First To Last announced they will be recording a new release funded by fan support. The group used Kickstarter to fund their venture, which requires a certain amount of revenue to be met before the project is released. Today, From First To Last hit their Kickstarter goal and are set to release the album. The goal is slowly becoming surpassed, too. Check out a tweet from the group after the jump. Want to check out some of the band’s…

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Kiss Kiss Launch Kickstarter For ‘Reality Vs. The Optimist’ Vinyl

 Kiss Kiss has launched a new Kickstarter campaign for the re-release of their album Reality vs. the Optimist on vinyl.  You can pledge here, purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here, and check out a photo of the release after the jump. Please follow and like us:

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Reggie And The Full Effect Announce ‘No Country For Old Musicians’

Reggie And The Full Effect will release No Country For Old Musicians on November 19th with Pure Noise Records. The record will serve at the relaunch of Reggie And The Full Effect and you can read more about the project via Kickstarter here. You can pledge to the project and purchase a CD here and buy concert tickets for any upcoming tours here. Check out the album artwork and track listing after the jump. Please follow and like us:

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