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Brand New Recording New Music

After five years since Brand New’s last album Daisy was released, the band is once is again writing new music. Brand New posted a photo of frontman Jesse Lacey recording guitar tracks on their Instagram for what fans hope is a new record. Please follow and like us:

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The Plight of The Working Class Band

You can’t begrudge anyone having privileged start in life, but when you roll up to a venue in your knackered death-trap of a former Royal Mail delivery van which you’ve been crammed into along with all of your gear and your flatulent guitarist for the past agonizing 5 hours and you see the fresh-faced support act, barely out of school, unloading a drum kit worth more than your van from their dad-bought dad-driven spacious tourbus complete with XBox, it can be hard to not to feel a nauseating mixture of…

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Lacey Live Reviews News 

ALBUM REVIEW: Lacey ‘Outlaws’

No time for messing about; skip the small-talk, Lacey jumps right in with the opening track of the EP, “Hometown.” With an incredibly catchy beat, it’s hard to resist immediately bobbing your head to the beat. Each line seems to be relatable; most people can honestly admit they want more out of life than what they’ve got right now. Such as wanting to get out of their hometown, and feeling like the only way to get it was to get away from the place you’ve been forever. Honestly, this is…

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