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COMEDY REVIEW: Bo Burnham ‘what.’

Get ready to massage your funny bones friends, because they are about to be very sore. Bo Burnham is a comedian and singer/songwriter hailing from Boston, Massachusetts. Burnham began making YouTube videos at 16. The first two songs he uploaded, “My Whole Family” and “My ‘Little’ Secret,” became Internet sensations and currently have over 10 million views, collectively. The songs Burnham produced were funny, yet extremely clever. He continued to upload videos, then, at age 17, signed a four-record deal with Comedy Central Records. A few days after his 18th…

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Album Review: Paramore: ‘Paramore’

After a tumultuous couple of years, Paramore is back with the release of their new, self-titled album. Since the exit of guitarist and drummer, brothers Josh and Zac Farro, the band has not released any full-length albums. However, with only two original members still in the game, Paramore’s fourth album clearly gives a complete reinvention. The trio—consisting of Hayley Williams on vocals, Jeremy Davis on bass, and Taylor York on guitar—has provided a new sound as the soundtrack to Paramore’s next chapter. Please follow and like us:

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