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ALBUM REVIEW: Matthew Vincent (The American Scene) & Alexander Correia ( The Tower & The Fool) Split

I admit to openly liking split EPs, when I know a lot of people don’t. One listen to the Matthew Vincent and Alexander Correia split, and I was hooked, and I know any anti-split listeners will fall madly in love as well. The split begins perfectly with Matthew Vincent’s “Wicked Thirst,” a beautiful acoustic track that will immediately captivate listeners. Each line is filled with stunning emotional depth. It’s a well-written piece, painted with lyrics resembling poetry, and music that is nothing short of fantastic. Please follow and like us:

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GUEST BLOG: woodrowgerber

Music has been my personal escape from reality since I was a little kid. My parents put me in classical guitar lessons at 6 and I haven’t stopped playing any and all genres since. I felt early on that this is what I’m meant for… making music, so when I was 17 I started getting flown out for gigs as a guitar player. Then once I hit 21 I began forming bands myself, touring, and making records with indie labels. Most of the time my lyrical content and style was…

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Josh Homme: Playing with Former QOTSA Member Nick Oliveri “Was Easy”

Despite reports to the contrary, Josh Homme recently stated to MTV that he and former Queens of  the Stone Age bassist Nick Oliveri have been on good terms following Oliveri’s departure from the group in 2004.  “Nick recorded his new record at my studio, and then he was going to drop off some records and…said, ‘Hey, need anyone to sing backup?’” Homme told MTV News.  “And I was like ‘Actually, yeah, come on in.’ It’s that causal… and it was easy. It’s nice to know someone since you were a…

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