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Touring 101: How To Promote Your Show

Hard work, hard work, hard work…….did I say hard work?  Hard work is what it takes to put fans through the door at your show.  But first things first.  Make sure your songs are  as tight as they can be. Rehearse the set so it becomes part of muscle memory…no thought involved so one can just sink their entire heart and soul into the emotion of the song being played.  Remember: it’s a performance that folks are paying for, and there are a million live music choices out there.  So…

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Compensation vs. Exposure: Do Photographers Have A Right To Compensation?

In light of a recent disparaging incident between an unsigned, “local,” band and a photographer for Infectious Magazine, Larry Wentworth, in which the band used a copyrighted photo for production and distribution of a physical CD WITHOUT compensating or even requesting permission from Wentworth. The band wrongly assumed that exposure was compensation enough. This article has been written as an attempt to reveal the issue at the heart of this matter. Please follow the link for the full story and to support Wentworth. There’s a long-standing issue in music media nowadays,…

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PHOTOS: Betrayal Canoga Park, CA

Check out a full online photo gallery of Betrayal performing live at the Cobalt Cafe in Canoga Park, CA on May 4th, 2014 and purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here. All photos by Caitlin Shores. Please follow and like us:

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