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ALBUM REVIEW: Justin Goodrich ‘In Between The Panels’

The first time I met Justin Goodrich was inside of Milly’s Tavern in Manchester, NH. We’d talked via social media a bit, and set up an in person interview so I could finally see what all the buzz was about with this emerging New Hampshire artist. I’d been doing interviews for a while, but I still remember as soon as I walked into that room and we said our first hellos, I couldn’t shake this nervous feeling. You know the one. It’s the feeling you get when you know someone…

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GUEST BLOG: Jillette Johnson

 I am not a robot. I’ve been saying this to myself a lot recently. Not so much to remind me of my humanity, but to forgive myself for my lack of machine. I write a lot of songs, and I’ve done so since I was a very little girl. I do it because I love it, and because I crave it. I don’t think about if it’s a hit, or what kind of audience I’m singing to, or who I could be helping. I’m excavating a part of me that…

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Worcester Palladium In Danger Of Being Demolished

The Worcester Palladium, home to countless touring bands over the years, unforgettable festivals and battle of the band events, is in danger of being demolished. An online petition is now making the rounds in an attempt to stop the process. You can sign the petition here and check out a description below. Taken from Worcester Mag: “Word spread to the Worcester Mag office pretty quickly on Tuesday that the owners of the Palladium were filing – or at least threatening to file – paperwork for the demolition of the music…

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