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Anachronistic Film Soundtracks

In the article “Bad Movies With Great Soundtracks,” I mentioned something called anachronism, specifically in regards to Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette. By definition in the World English Dictionary, “anachronism” is the representation of an event, person, or thing in a historical context in which it could not have occurred or existed. While it is a term that is most often used when people incorrectly reference something from a specific time period (i.e. wrongly stating an artist’s time period in which they worked), it has also been used to label a…

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Mark McGrath’s ’90s Nostalgia Cruise A Bust

  Sugar Ray singer Mark McGrath was forced to cancel an all-star ’90s rocker cruise due to the recent Carnival Triumph disaster last month. Dubbed the “Mark McGrath and Friends Cruise,” it was set to include iconic ’90s bands such as Gin Blossoms, Spin Doctors, and Smash Mouth. McGrath apologized on Twitter, while also revealing that he has just recently gotten into Mad Men.(Maybe if he wasn’t stuck in the ’90s he would have heard about the AMC show a few years back.) Please follow and like us:

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