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GUEST BLOG: Bill Hicks, DIY, And The Duality Of Man

One thing that makes me sad is that the very talented and intelligently hilarious Bill Hicks is becoming more and more obscure to the general public. Hicks transcended both comedy and music during his life long career as a stand-up purist and his words will forever echo in all of my aspirations. An over arcing message in his act was to “play from your heart” by which he meant that “rock stars” and other performers should never aspire to become successful in order to be hired by corporations to sell…

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ALBUM REVIEW: Portugal.The Man ‘Evil Friends’

It’s as if the boys of Portugal. The Man have pressed play on summer. The title track “Plastic Soldiers” is full of heavy synths and acoustic guitars and the lines, “I can’t keep my head up, no I can’t keep my head up” gets the listener really pumped up. The album segways from “Creep in a T-shirt” and into “Evil Friends”; the title track. “Evil Friends” starts off as dark, mysterious and very typical of Censored Colors, however the song takes a sharp left turn after the first minute, a…

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