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ALBUM REVIEW: Echo Park ‘Deluge’

If music does anything, it pulls feelings and images out of us faster than anything else. It’s the sudden spark of a memory, the welling of tears, the urge to jump or run or sing or scream; it’s people connecting in a collective way—all relating. On their EP, Deluge, Echo Park bring all that and more to the table. Often times, a song will evoke an image; a scene will flitter across your mind, and suddenly, there’s a film there. “Circles” does that immediately, even without lyrics. Once those lines…

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Riotfest Announce Denver Day To Day Lineups

Riotfest has announced the day to day lineups for Denver. Check out the lineups after the jump! Need a ticket to Riotfest? You can buy concert tickets here.  Please follow and like us:

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