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Top 5 Drummers You’ve Never Heard Of

Having seen the practical use and universal user friendliness of programmed drums it is no wonder that a staggering number of musicians are utilizing them over live drummers.  Being a drummer myself this is somewhat worrisome, but the industry is growing and a smart man does not argue with the inevitable.  The drum machines rise to power is significant but not too scary; there are plenty of super awesome groups that have live drums in perfect symbiosis with electronic elements (I’m looking at you EOTO).  That being said there are a good deal of…

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On Being Human Band of the Month Features News Rock 


So lately there’s been this emerging genre of video game rock. And depending on who you are, and where your interests lie, that could either sound really cool, or really terrible. But as someone whose video game interest extends only as far as the nostalgia of playing Mario Party, Kirby, and Pit Fall back in the day, I have to say that I’m pretty intrigued by the whole thing. Especially by California based adventure rock/video game rock band, On Being Human—who just so happen to be our band of the…

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