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ALBUM REVIEW: Twin Radio ‘The Coast of Indigo’

Music can convey so many emotions in so many different ways. People can express feelings of pure love with something so heavy, or so seemingly opposite of the typical ballad, and it will still sound like something beautiful. Twin Radio have fine-tuned this ability on their new LP The Coast of Indigo. Please follow and like us:

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Equal Vision Records Sign Northern Faces

Equal Vision Records have signed Northern Faces. The band will be releasing a new EP called Southern Places on March 5. You can check out the track list and tour dates after the jump. Please follow and like us:

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Album Review: “Dead Language” – Moonlight Bridge

Dead Language by Moonlight Bridge is a moody affair. It relishes in its melancholy atmosphere with slow and dirge-like pianos, soft acoustic guitars and heart-felt vocals by frontman Justin Giles.  Like Latin (itself a dead language) Dead Language seems to come from a forgotten and lost time.  Almost immediately the listener is transported into the backwoods of the Appalachian Mountains. This type of music may no longer be ground-breaking, but like Latin it still proves to be vital. Individual songs don’t jump out from the speakers and scream “instant classic”….

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