The History Of Moshing

Moshing, hardcore dancing, thrashing, slam dancing, call it what you want, moshing has been a part of live music for a long time, and has changed and evolved since its formation in the crowds of the early hardcore scene. It has gone from hardcore, to metal, to grunge, to pop punk and everywhere in between. But just how exactly does one of the most popular concert activities come to be? And just how has it evolved since then? Please follow and like us:

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Warped Tour Sign Cracks Down On Crowdsurfing And Moshing

For many people, Warped Tour is the most highly anticipated and fun festival of year, but is the fun coming to an end? It seems that this year the show will be cracking down on moshing and crowdsurfing, two major staples of the festival. Although the ban seems harsh, Warped representative Kevin Lyman recently stated: “This is really a reminder to be safe and take care of each other. No one has been kicked out for moshing.” Please follow and like us:

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Warped Tour Addresses Moshing

Moshing, the favorite pastime of rock fans of all shapes and sizes, has long been an enjoyable activity, a great way to burn calories, and a fun strategy to finding new friends. However, it is also somewhat dangerous, as recently addressed by Warped Tour creator Kevin Lyman on his twitter page. Although we had previously mentioned a ban on moshing on Warped Tour, tweets by Kevin Lyman say otherwise: Please follow and like us:

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