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10 Cover Songs You Need To Hear

A lot of musicians are famous because they are capable of writing and performing mind-blowing songs, but every now and then an artist comes up who is capable of out-doing the original.  Cover songs tend to be some of the hardest songs to make successful.  There is a fine line between making the track your own and completely obliterating a classic with your own spin.  Here are 10 cover songs by artists who have created versions either up to par or totally surpassing their predecessors. Please follow and like us:

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All Time Low Possible DVD & Acoustic Project?

In a recent interview, Jack Barakat mentioned that the band had goals to include a few more DVDs and even acoustic side projects. Check out an excerpt below. “Barakat said the band’s goals for the future include releasing some DVDS and perhaps a few acoustic side projects — another return to their early career, when they produced a DVD of their MTV Unplugged acoustic recording session. But most of all, they just want to keep touring. “It’s all we really have,” Barakat said. “It’s how we reach our fans; it’s…

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