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ALBUM REVIEW: Evergrey ‘Hymns for the Broken’

Hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden, Evergrey delivers their first album following a lineup change, the groups ninth overall. Hymns for the Broken is a 12 track thrill ride, boasting the classic dark metal essence that has kept fans in love for years. The first musical track, “King of Errors,” opens with a gripping drum and piano intro that gets accompanied by a tasty guitar riff. About a minute into the track, we get the first lines from Tom S. Englund. He wastes no time showing his audience his exceptional Viking metal voice…

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Mitch Lucker Benefit Show Guest Vocalists & Set List

Suicide Silence’s benefit show for Mitch Lucker took place this past Friday, Dec. 21. You can check out the set list with guest vocalists after the jump. Please follow and like us:

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