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Music Cities: Sacramento

My city is Northern California’s best kept secret, so don’t go spreading any of the information I’m about to share with you. As a cultural/musical hub we have a long way to go, but the beauty and easy lifestyle of Sacramento are hard to match. Sacramento sits on the confluence of two rivers and boasts the 2nd most trees of any city in the world. Add to that a bikeable city-center and close proximity to Yosemite, San Francisco and Wine Country and you’ll see why I call Sacramento home. The…

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Mental Health Matters: “My depression was a part of me, and it needed to be heard.”

I’m a writer – or at least, that’s what my parents always said. And so I write a lot (on paper and to keyboard melodies) to try and make sense of the way my brain interprets the world around me. I wrote a story once that framed my depression as a really bad friend who enjoys manipulating you and seeing you fall apart into tiny little pieces. And while that’s a nice thing to imagine – simplifying depression as just some textbook plastic mean girl you can tell to go…

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The Most Important Thing I’ve Learned: Use Your Shows To Build Relationships

Our touring experiences have definitely changed our outlook on playing shows. Instead of just focusing on the performance, we have learned to treat the entire night as a networking event. From the time we arrive for load-in until we close the doors of the van to leave, we look for every opportunity to build relationships with everyone at the show. There are a lot of bands who choose to hang out in their vans or hang out backstage before they go on stage, but those bands miss out on a…

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Anxiety and Depression Mental Health Matters News 

Mental Health Matters: Anxiety & Depression

Mental illness doesn’t politely walk up to your door and ask nicely to come in; it kicks the door down,throat punches you, and then laughs when you cry out in pain. I’ve been dealing with anxiety and depression stemming from PTSD for about as far back as I can recall memories. As a child my mother was constantly stuck cleaning up vomit because I had worked myself into a panic attack in the middle of the night and had thrown up again. Anxiety can cripple you in the moment if…

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Helping Someone Through Depression Features Guest Blogs Mental Health Matters News 

Mental Health Matters: Helping Someone Through Depression

When my dear friend had a really terrible season of depression, it was difficult for her to get out of bed in the morning, to function normally in her daily life. She missed days of work and spent most of her time in her room alone. As a person with naturally high serotonin levels my first reaction was to tell her to snap out of it. People with depression hear this type of advice all the time, but they, more than any of us want to be happy, and they…

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The Other Gig Features News 

The Other Gig: How Your Favorite Bands Are Making Ends Meet

It’s no secret that making it big in the music industry is no simple task. Whether you’re striving to be in a rock band as big as Fall Out Boy or working towards being a Taylor Swift-like popstar, it takes years of hard work and dedication to reach even a fraction of their success. And even if reaching worldwide fame isn’t an artists #1 priority, most musicians have one simple goal in mind at the end of the day: for their music to reach as wide an audience as possible,…

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Using Your Given Voice To Battle That Pesky Inner Voice Of Doubt Alternative Features Folk Guest Blogs Mental Health Matters News 

Mental Health Matters: Using Your Given Voice To Battle That Pesky Inner Voice Of Doubt

It’s difficult enough to explain depression & anxiety to someone who doesn’t suffer from it. Add in the element of having an artist’s mind, and that explanation gets even blurrier. With the, seemingly unnatural, marriage of business & creativity, the triggers that can set off an episode can be odd & infinitely varied. However, the tools that an anxious songwriter, like me, have at their disposal are powerful & unique. For instance, in October of 2016, with the soundtrack of Weather Channel meteorologist Jim Cantore’s voice in the background, I…

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Coping with PTSD in the Music Industry Features Mental Health Matters News 

Mental Health Matters: Coping with PTSD in the Music Industry

There have been a lot of stories over the past couple of years about sexual and domestic abuse within the music industry. These conversations are mired in hot takes – debates about legality vs. morality, about “call-out culture” and the prevalence of so-called witch hunts, and about separating the art from the artist. I’m not here to debate any of that today. Instead, I’m going to talk about the other half of the abuse coin – the mental health repercussions that can stem from it and how has played into…

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When Self-Doubt Kills Your Career Before It Starts Features Mental Health Matters News 

Mental Health Matters: When Self-Doubt Kills Your Career Before It Starts

Since I was little all I could remember is music circulating throughout my life. From learning who the band on the screen was [answer: it was AC/DC, it was always AC/DC] to my Godfather giving me money and letting me loose in the record store as I bought my first record;music has been and will always continue to the most important thing in my life no matter what. Though, for a period of time I wouldn’t listen to any music. Now you’re thinking, you’re part of an industry where music…

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Mental Health Matters: What No One Is Talking About in the Music Industry

There’s something terrible happening in the music industry, and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why no one is talking about it. It impacts the artists we set out to help, it changes the way we operate our businesses, and it’s hurting the people who work so hard to give this industry and the people around them their all. I’m talking about mental health. The amount of people struggling with a mental illness in this industry (yours truly included), and fighting night and day for the things…

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