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Music Launch Summit Announce Free Global Music Conference

Picture this—you’re scrolling through the internet and you come across what looks like the perfect music conference. There are top-notch speakers with years of experience, and the workshop titles practically have your name written all over them. You can’t wait to dive head-first into the conference. But then, you see the price tag. You get a headache just thinking about travel and housing. Suddenly, your dreams are thrown out the window. We have a solution for you: Music Launch Summit. The summit is put on by Music Launch Hub, an…

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What I Would Change About The Music Industry: Negativity In Music Journalism

For as long as we can remember, there has always been some form of negativity in music journalism and the stigma of being viewed as ‘the devil’ among the artist community only elongates as time goes on. While opinions are often subjective, there comes a time when the lines are often blurred between constructive criticism and unwarranted cruelty. I’ve been fighting against negativity in music journalism before I ever stepped foot in this business. As a teen, I’d read tons of music magazines, hopeful for some thoughtful anecdote on my…

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INDUSTRY INTERVIEW: Jordannah Elizabeth (The Deli, SF Weekly, MTV Networks)

There’s nothing we love more at Infectious than hard working, passionate, ambitious people, and the Bay Area’s Jordannah Elizabeth is just that. With a long list of experience that includes work at The Deli San Francisco, SF Weekly, and MTV Networks, we’re just grateful Jordannah had time to chat with us! Check out our interview with this incredible songstress (oh yeah, did we mention she’s also a musician?) below.  Please follow and like us:

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ALBUM REVIEW: Zach E. West ’28 Years Later’

I write with a bit of sadness that I’m reviewing 28 Years Later, quite possibly the final album Zach E. West has created. For almost two years he has worked on this album, and I must say it is a work of art that must have paid off for him. He has a talent for expressing himself in ways that we all can understand and resonate with – not to mention he continues producing music that is absolutely mind-blowing to the average listener. I say this because, it’s not every…

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Infectious Magazine had the opportunity to interview Zach E. West, a musician who has been immersed in the music scene for 12 years. He has released his final album, 28 Years Later. He spoke with us on everything from the music industry, to a special someone who is the center of quite possibly his final song. Read on for the entire interview! To hear Zach E. West’s final album, You can purchase a CD here. Please follow and like us:

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INDUSTRY INTERVIEW: Chloe Bevan (Founder/Publisher – Shout It Loud Reviews)

In our latest Industry Interview, Infectious Mag had the pleasure of interviewing jack-of-all-trades Chloe Bevan, the Founder/Editor/Publisher of Shout It Loud Reviews. She discusses her background in the music industry, advice for bands and PR reps submitting to online publications, the idea behind the site’s unique layout, and much more. Please follow and like us:

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Zedd Records Unveil Their Latest “Disrupting The Music Biz” Podcast

Our friends over at Zedd Records, who you may recall from one of our most recent Industry Interviews, have done an extremely informative new podcast for artists called “How To License Your Music To TV, Film & Commercials.” President Mark Zubek and Vice President Angelo Dodaro chat all about it with special guest Doug Diamond, Music Supervisor with The SongHunters. You can stream the podcast in its entirety below or over at Zedd’s official website and check out previous podcasts right here. Please follow and like us:

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INDUSTRY INTERVIEW: Joel Kilby (Co-Founder – Giant MKT Records)

Infectious Magazine recently had the pleasure of interviewing Joel Kilby, co-founder of the fast-rising indie label Giant MKT Records. He discusses how the label got started, branching out beyond producing musical merchandise, advice for those looking to break into the music industry, and much more. Please follow and like us:

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GUEST BLOG: The Art Of Being An Artist In Today’s Music Industry

Have you been making music and then releasing that music through digital distribution and handing out CDs at shows and networking events?! I know all too well how, for today’s artists, that alone is not enough. To be a successful artist or band in today’s music world, it takes a lot more. In this article I’ll be going over some of the things that artists need to add to their already heavy workload. No artist wants to add more work for themselves, but the things I’m going to go over…

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In today’s industry interview, we chat with Haulix founder Matt Brown. Now, if you’re not familiar with the streaming service that is Haulix, it’s one of the most popular platforms for labels and publicists to send advances to your favorite blogs (including Infectious!) Check out our interview with Matt below to learn more about Haulix, how to get your foot in the door (including their free job board!), and advice for submitting your music to online outlets. Please follow and like us:

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