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What I Would Change About The Music Industry: Negativity In Music Journalism

For as long as we can remember, there has always been some form of negativity in music journalism and the stigma of being viewed as ‘the devil’ among the artist community only elongates as time goes on. While opinions are often subjective, there comes a time when the lines are often blurred between constructive criticism and unwarranted cruelty. I’ve been fighting against negativity in music journalism before I ever stepped foot in this business. As a teen, I’d read tons of music magazines, hopeful for some thoughtful anecdote on my…

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INDUSTRY INTERVIEW: Emma Guido (Under The Gun Review/Mind Equals Blown/Freelance PR)

Infectious Magazine editor Joe Ballard recently posed some questions to music industry powerhouse Emma Guido – staff writer at Under The Gun Review, editor at Mind Equals Blown, and freelance publicist for blues-rocker Jake Tavill. We discussed her lightning-fast progress since entering the industry at 15 years old, how to balance a constantly hectic schedule, advice for bands and aspiring music writers, and much more. Please follow and like us:

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Becoming A Music Journalist

I’ve always been attracted to the written word. From a very young age, I enjoyed reading and, as I got older, I started getting into writing. In high school, I was highly involved in resurrecting the school newspaper. I even held a high-ranking position at a newspaper in my hometown for a few years once out of high school. But when I was about 16 or 17, I started getting really into music. I could barely function without listening to some kind of music. I would hear new bands or…

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