INTERVIEW: Steve Palfreyman (Music Launch Summit)

Steve Palfreyman is a lot of things. He’s an artist and a marketer. He’s charismatic and passionate. He is also the mastermind behind the Music Launch Summit. But above all else, Palfreyman is genuine and has an incredible way of connecting with people. We got the chance to pick his brain and learn more about Music Launch Summit and Music Launch Hub, a Facebook community he created for artists and industry professionals. We talked about creating a conference that is accessible to artists and industry professionals, using Music Launch Hub to build your…

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Music Launch Summit Is Revolutionizing How We Think About The Music Industry

What initially started off as an online community for artists and industry professionals grew into a support system bound together tighter than anyone ever thought it would. The Facebook group, coined the Music Launch Hub, is a community of over 300 people who are all, in some way, involved in the music industry. The group, which is comprised of everyone from artists to publicists to designers and managers, and is an inviting place for industry pros to seek advice, build connections, and help connect the music industry. “I created this group…

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Music Launch Summit Announce Free Global Music Conference

Picture this—you’re scrolling through the internet and you come across what looks like the perfect music conference. There are top-notch speakers with years of experience, and the workshop titles practically have your name written all over them. You can’t wait to dive head-first into the conference. But then, you see the price tag. You get a headache just thinking about travel and housing. Suddenly, your dreams are thrown out the window. We have a solution for you: Music Launch Summit. The summit is put on by Music Launch Hub, an…

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