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GUEST BLOG: Licensing, Composing, And The Unique Avenues Of The Music Business

Along my journey in the music business, I have been fortunate enough to have been involved in many different facets of it. As a songwriter, artist, singer for hire, producer and composer, I’ve worked with the Warped Tour bands to the video game and television network heavy-hitters. When it comes down to it, much of the work that I do day to day isn’t ever released under my brand as an artist. In fact, the majority of the work is anonymous. Here are a few of the highlights of my…

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Zedd Records Unveil Their Latest “Disrupting The Music Biz” Podcast

Our friends over at Zedd Records, who you may recall from one of our most recent Industry Interviews, have done an extremely informative new podcast for artists called “How To License Your Music To TV, Film & Commercials.” President Mark Zubek and Vice President Angelo Dodaro chat all about it with special guest Doug Diamond, Music Supervisor with The SongHunters. You can stream the podcast in its entirety below or over at Zedd’s official website and check out previous podcasts right here. Please follow and like us:

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Music Licensing 101: How To Deal With People With Exquisite Taste, But No Brains

Buddy, we got fucked. Not intentionally, not out of malice, but fucked nonetheless. A Cadaver Dogs song, “Drop Zone” from our 2010 EP Thrill Ride, was used recently in a RadioShack commercial for a Samsung-Motorola-Sol Republic-Some-Other-Bullshit-I’ll-Never-Own product, a spot most bands would covet. We’re talking a multimillion dollar extravaganza featuring appearances by Olympian Michael Phelps, “rapper”  Lil John, and DJ Steve Aoki, as well as music by the latter two. It was played on every major network and cable television channel and garnered two million views on Youtube. The commercial…

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