ALBUM REVIEW: Zach E. West ’28 Years Later’

I write with a bit of sadness that I’m reviewing 28 Years Later, quite possibly the final album Zach E. West has created. For almost two years he has worked on this album, and I must say it is a work of art that must have paid off for him. He has a talent for expressing himself in ways that we all can understand and resonate with – not to mention he continues producing music that is absolutely mind-blowing to the average listener. I say this because, it’s not every…

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Infectious Magazine had the opportunity to interview Zach E. West, a musician who has been immersed in the music scene for 12 years. He has released his final album, 28 Years Later. He spoke with us on everything from the music industry, to a special someone who is the center of quite possibly his final song. Read on for the entire interview! To hear Zach E. West’s final album, You can purchase a CD here. Please follow and like us:

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INTERVIEW: Brendan Murphey of Counterparts

This week Infectious had the opportunity to interview Brendan Murphey, the lead vocalist of the band Counterparts. The band has been wrapping up the last few dates of the Common Vision Tour, and Brendan was enjoying his time in California.  Check out the interview below where he talks about everything from hardcore music to touring, and even the best and hardest times with the band. Please follow and like us:

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PHOTOS: Counterparts, Canoga Park, CA

Check out the full online photo gallery of Counterparts’ show on August 13th, 2014 in Canoga Park, CA. Purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here.   All photos by Caitlin Shores     Please follow and like us:

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New T-Shirt Designs!!

Infectious Magazine just launched two new shirt designs! We have 3 weeks to meet our goal and start infecting the masses with our message, so any love you can give these tees is much appreciated. And hey, if you like one of the designs, why not treat yourself? Grab your own Pick Your Poison tee HERE, and a Microphone tee HERE. Both are available in various designs and sizes, so take your pick!   Please follow and like us:

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Musicians You Didn’t Know Could Act & Vice Versa

These days in the entertainment industry, it is amongst many celebrity’s tactics to become a double or triple threat – to be an actor, singer, and, if they’re capable, a dancer – to essentially (as I would say) take over the world. Many have already managed to do so, making the crossover from either side in equal amounts, and some surprisingly successful in doing so. From many well-known hybrid entertainers to others you never would have guessed, here are a handful of musically-inclined actors and acting-inclined musicians that will give…

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STREAM: Ronnie Radke “Devil” Rap Song

Ronnie Radke has recently released a new song called “ Devil.” The song is from his upcoming rap mixtape, and you can give it a listen for yourself! Stream it below, after the jump. Radke, the current lead vocalist of Falling In Reverse and the former lead vocalist of Escape the Fate, has a lot to offer musically. He’s a musician, songwriter and producer. To check out more music from his current band, you can pick up a CD of Falling In Reverse’s tunes here. And to see Radke, along…

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WATCH: MAX Covers Fall Out Boy’s “Young Volcanoes”

MAX has released a cover of Fall Out Boy‘s song “Young Volcanoes.” You can check out a video of the cover below, after the jump. MAX (Max Schneider) is a 21-year old American singer-songwriter, dancer, actor, model, and musician. You can find more of his projects and endeavors on his Youtube channel, here. And you can grab yourself a CD of some of his music here. And if you’re amped up about Fall Out Boy, be sure purchase a CD of theirs here or buy concert tickets here to see…

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How To Survive Tour: A Band’s Guide

Life on the road can present many challenges. Especially when you are on a rigorous tour schedule. For example, showers aren’t always easy to come by. Maybe your schedule requires you leave straight after a gig in order to make it to the next gig on time. Or maybe you just don’t have the luxury of a hotel room where you can have a shower. In any case, there’s nothing worse than sweating your ass off on stage and then not being able to get clean. This is one of…

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