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WATCH : HOLLAND – “Neverland”

The music industry is unique and ever-changing, and a singer from Korea has sparked a new following. Korean singer and songwriter Holland has recently made headlines for being considered the first ‘openly gay idol’ to debut within the heavily competitive music scene. By coming out and embracing his sexuality, many fans in Korea and around the world believe that Holland could be a catalyst for the still rigid Korean society and views on homosexuality. The newcomer released his first single “Neverland” on Jan. 21, kicking off the new year with…

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TIDAL: The Music Industry’s Biggest Lie

Major modern artists all the way from Alicia Keys to Jay Z have come together to release one of the first ever artist owned music platforms… or, so they say. “Jimi Hendrix once said, that music doesn’t lie,” Alicia Keys spoke at the podium for TIDAL’s launch video, and she’s right. Music doesn’t lie, but these musicians who have come together to be a face for the type of companies they state they are against? That is a lie, perhaps one of the biggest lies we have ever seen in the…

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Warped Tour Announces Bandhappy Classes & Teachers

Warped Tour has announced that they’ll be joining forces with Bandhappy once again this summer, offering new classes with some of your favorite musicians as the teachers! Bandhappy’s purpose is to bring musicians together with their fans through educational experiences. Check out a poster with the Bandhappy classes and teachers below, after the jump. Creative Live has also launched a contest in conjunction with this. Check out more details here, and enter the contest for yourself here – perhaps you could be one of the few lucky winners! With Warped…

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CONTEST: Win An Interview On Infectious Magazine

Infectious Magazine and Music Launch Pad have partnered up for a new contest, in which musicians in the alt/indie/rock/metal genres can enter for a chance to win a placement right here on Infectious Magazine!. You can check out all the details on how to enter below, and sign up & enter HERE for your chance to win! But be quick, contest ends APRIL 25th.  Please follow and like us:

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How To Survive Tour: A Band’s Guide

Life on the road can present many challenges. Especially when you are on a rigorous tour schedule. For example, showers aren’t always easy to come by. Maybe your schedule requires you leave straight after a gig in order to make it to the next gig on time. Or maybe you just don’t have the luxury of a hotel room where you can have a shower. In any case, there’s nothing worse than sweating your ass off on stage and then not being able to get clean. This is one of…

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Starting Your Own Label And Creating Your Own Music Scene

I first started my label Newsonic while studying at Wesleyan University because I was inspired by the tremendous creative music scene happening there. It was not so much about “creating” a scene, but more about cultivating and fostering a nascent scene.  It was an amazing experience.  In just a few years, we released over 30 CDs, organized festivals, and developed a community orchestra. In 1999, I moved Newsonic to Brooklyn and it transformed from a label into an events space and recording studio.  With the wealth of musical talent in…

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Is Spotify Ruining The Music Industry?

Radiohead are a rock band at a particular time in history. Formed in 1985 and worldwide stars by 1993, Radiohead’s rise came during the final years before the internet changed the industry forever. By 2006 the music business’s equivalent to the Wall Street Crash was well underway: CD sales were plummeting, music piracy was off the charts, and the traditional models by which bands could support themselves were under direct threat. In an NME interview that year, Thom Yorke spoke out with an anger and directness that would mark the…

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CONTEST: Neutrik USA Launches John Lennon Songwriting Contest

 Aspiring songwriters everywhere are always looking for a big break. John Lennon used to look for his. Now, his foundation will be giving back – Neutrik USA, paired with The Lennon bus, has announced a contest for hopeful artists. The winner will play a week on Warped Tour, record their work on the official Lennon Bus studio and more. Check out the details  and how to submit your music here. Please follow and like us:

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Taking Back Sunday Helps Charity

Taking Back Sunday is accepting bids to receive two VIP tickets for an upcoming show, the chance to meet the band, and a signed acoustic guitar. The money will go to Sweet Relief Music Fund which is a charity giving healthcare assistance to musicians. You can find the information here. Taking Back Sunday is currently on their fall tour. You can view tour dates or buy concert tickets here. They are also working on their sixth studio album. You can purchase a CD here. Please follow and like us:

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Nate Ruess Of fun. To Perform Alongside Queen

If you’re into seeing rising talented and successful musicians of today play alongside music legends, get to Las Vegas this weekend for the iHeartRadio Music Festival. Fun. frontman Nate Ruess will guest perform with Queen tomorrow night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. You can check out the full lineup here. Buy fun. CD or purchase concert tickets here. Please follow and like us:

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