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What A Crazy Race: The Pursuit Of A “Career” In The Music Industry

Bumper to bumper, red lights at every turn & speed cameras taking you by surprise. Sound familiar? If you’re an artist in the music industry then you’ll quickly recognize the traffic parallels, there to greet and then block you around every corner (in that order). The pertinent question of the day, however – will you let it stop you in your tracks, or will you let it shape you into a better artist? Today the more obvious roadblock of music piracy gets most of the coverage, however whilst the rest…

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3 Concert Apps That Are Saving The Live Scene Features Indie Lists Metal News Pop Punk Rock 

3 Concert Apps That Are Saving The Live Scene

The music listening experience, for all but a handful of vinyl and CD junkies, has become a fully digitalized landscape. Nevertheless, this shift in technology and platforms does not signify a death for the music industry—but rather a rebirth. This is especially true for the live music scene, which in the push towards digital, has embraced smartphone applications as a way to reinvent and revolutionize its outdated practices. Here’s a list of applications that are changing the live music scene one phone at a time. Please follow and like us:

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