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GUEST BLOG: Never Giving Up

Being in a band is probably the hardest thing I have ever done. Now you’re probably thinking, “WTF all you have to do is learn an instrument and have fun,,,” While this is true, it’s not true for all. When I first started playing music I was around 4 years old, I had a band called Elf Tiger w/ my pre-school buddy and wrote songs called Diamonds In The Sky & 79 Drums 79 Bombs. Now those were the days! I could just yell and bang on pots and no…

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Marilyn Manson And Gucci Mane Record Song Together

So apparently Marilyn Manson and Gucci Mane are friends in real life and have recorded a song together called, “Fancy Bitch.” Manson provided the hook for the song and even laid down a rap verse. The two recorded the song back on March 14th after the L.A. premiere of Spring Breakers. There is no definite release date for the track yet but yesterday Gucci Mane tweeted that we can expect his new album, MR. GUWOP, this fall. Read an excerpt from an interview with Gucci Mane about his unlikely friendship with…

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