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LIVE REVIEW: Mikey Wax w/ Alexis Keegan and Haley Johnsen Velo Cult Portland, OR

As a reviewer under 21, I have very little experience with small sit down venues. Mikey Wax at Velo Cult gave me a little glimpse of what I have to look forward to. Though, I don’t think there is anything like this place anywhere else but Portland Oregon. I never talk about the venue in my reviews, but this isn’t like any other venue. It’s a pub and a bike shop all in one. Bikes hang from the ceiling, and beer samples come to the tables on skateboards. The uniqueness…

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WATCH: Walk The Moon Perform “Shut Up And Dance” Acoustic

When most bands do an acoustic version of a song, likely they have an acoustic guitar, harmonies and the lead singer singing melody. Well, it shouldn’t be a surprise, but WALK THE MOON are not a normal band so they don’t do a normal acoustic song. The entire band is involved even though there isn’t a bass. Both Kevin Ray and Eli Maiman play acoustic guitars while Nick Petricca plays shakers and Sean Waugaman played a pizza box with drum brushes. See, I told you they did it differently. The best…

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LIVE REVIEW: TALKING IS HARD Tour WALK THE MOON w/ The Griswolds Roseland Theatre, Portland, OR

WALK THE MOON’s front man, Nicholas Petricca is one of those people you question if they are actually human. He has this insane ability to dance sporadically throughout a 90-minute set, scream at the top of his lungs, and doesn’t even visibly break a sweat, or seem winded. That said, the rest of us sure do during this crazy dance party that is the TALKING IS HARD Tour. Please follow and like us:

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STREAM: The Academic “Different”

For the past 5 years a little town in Ireland has been getting a lot of press because of a blonde kid with blue eyes. However, Niall Horan is not the only talented musician to come out of Mullingar. Earlier this week, alternative rock band, The Academic began streaming their debut single, “Different,” on Soundcloud. “Different” is super catchy combining all the best qualities from the current leaders of alt-rock into one song. From Craig Fitzgerald’s lead vocals taking on an almost Nick Petricca vibe circa WALK THE MOON’s self titled…

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