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LIVE REVIEW: Twenty One Pilots, Denver, CO

After biking over 4 miles to the venue, I got into the Ogden Theater about halfway through Hunter Hunted, the first opening band, and listened to them for the first time from the venue bathroom while touching up my lipstick and eyeliner. Before I tell you about how bummed I am for missing Hunter Hunted’s full set (because they were a really rad band),I feel I should mention that I spend most of my time at local and small punk shows. This, on the other hand, was a sold out…

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LIVE REVIEW: Twenty One Pilots

A line started forming outside the Boston House of Blues at 2:30 for the Twenty One Pilots show, which didn’t start until 7:30. Hashtag dedication. I’ve been to sold out shows before, but at this one, everyone seemed to be pushed up as close as possible to the stage, which made it seem a lot fuller than when a portion of the crowd is hanging out by the bar–which no one was doing because 99.9% of the crowd was high schoolers. For a lot of the night, I couldn’t move, but…

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