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Rival Summers To Drop New EP “Undeniable”

Remember boy bands? The swooning you felt every time Backstreet Boys (or N’Sync, if that was your thing) came on the radio? That’s the first thing I think of as I tune in to the latest release by Detroit pop duo Rival Summers, made up of Leo Bautista and Sam Ridgell. With breathy vocals reminiscent of early Copeland, this duo are releasing honest, uplifting, positively inspiring music that you just can’t help but sway to. Produced by Jesse Barrera (Tori Kelly, Us The Duo, Avalon Young), and funded with the support of their…

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PLAYLIST: Growing Up Brooke

Hi, Infectious readers! I’m Brooke. I have grown to love music deeply, thanks in part to some family members introducing it to me and to growing up in one of the best music eras…ever. Sorry, ’80s purists. Oddly, my parents are not hugely musical people. My father is more of a sports guy and my mom makes the world better each day by being a nurse. Still, I found music, and it makes more sense than anything. The ten songs below will take you through my evolution of music taste,…

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PLAYLIST: Growing Up Sami

Hey guys! My name is Sami! I am 23-years-old and currently reside in the Sunshine State. I have been with Infectious Magazine since September 2013. I am literally living my dream every time I put an article together. I have always been passionate about both music and writing, so when I realized that I could combine the two, there was no stopping me pursuing my dream. When I look back on the life I lived until now, it’s hard for me to think of time when music hasn’t been there….

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ALBUM REVIEW: Set It Off ‘Duality’

Set It Off is a band that has only recently become a staple in my music collection. I have always been aware of them because of lead vocalist, Cody Carson. Being a fan of the pop rock genre, especially living in Florida, his name is very well-known. It wasn’t until I found out Set It Off would be headlining the Come Alive Tour this past summer that I decided to get acquainted with them. Set It Off is known for being very theatrical with their musical and vocal arrangements, and…

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WATCH: Our Last Night “Bye Bye Bye” NSYNC Cover

Our Last Night have released a cover of NSYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye.” The track includes vocals by Cody Carson of Set It Off. The cover shows the progression of boy bands from the mid-90s to now, and how songs released over a decade ago can still be relevant and rock our socks off today. Be sure to check out the cover after the jump. Our Last Night and Set It Off will be touring all summer long on the Come Alive Tour, with Heartist and Stages and Stereos. At the end…

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The Rise And Fall Of Boy Bands

Boy bands. They’re groups of singing, walking-talking Ken dolls, whose songs and dance moves make every teenage girl swoon. Yes, that’s totally stereotypical, but these boy bands must be doing something right, since they’ve remained a consistent trend in the music industry. The boy band craze arguably began with the iconic Jackson 5, a group that established the “ABC’s”and “123’s” for future groups.  New Kids on the Block, NSYNC, and Backstreet Boys later sculpted the squeaky clean image associated with boy bands today. The early 2000s saw boy bands steer…

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WATCH: Divided By Friday “It’s Tearin’ Up My Heart” Cover

Divided By Friday have posted another new cover song. This time they covered N’Sync’s “It’s Tearin’ Up My Heart.” Check out the video after the jump. You can buy concert tickets or purchase a CD here. Please follow and like us:

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Justin Timberlake Releasing New Album This November?

  According to Questlove, Justin Timberlake will release volume two of The 20/20 Experience this November. You can check out what Questlove had to say after the jump, and catch Timberlake on his world tour with Jay-Z this summer. You can find dates right here. Please follow and like us:

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