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Op-Ed: An Honest Reaction to Demi Lovato’s ‘Simply Complicated’ Documentary

Previously for Infectious Magazine, I wrote an article about making my peace with Los Angeles’ music industry scene, and since moving back to Texas, I’ve focused on taking care of myself and my mental health. I’ve been seeing my therapist and incorporated a daily workout that is at least one hour a day solely dedicated to myself. Life has gotten better, but I still struggle with my anxiety daily. Recently I watched Demi Lovato’s YouTube documentary, Simply Complicated, which released on October 17, 2017, hot on the heels of her…

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Dear Music Industry, This Sounds Like It Will Hurt You More Than It Hurts Me

Dear Industry, Things between us have been a little strained lately. When you were considering changing the long-standing Tuesday date night to Friday it made some people a bit uncomfortable. And once your mind was made up you insisted on telling everybody and became that person at the party who had too much to drink, spilling their life story to anybody in sight. I know this is a big change for you and it’s going to take some time to adjust before becoming official this summer. But I figure I…

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Guest Blog: Black Swans -Venturing Further and Undiscovered Treasures

Another day and another step forward. Today however is a bigger step. Black Swans video for 2nd single ‘This Looks Like Yesterday’ has been named video of the day [July 18th] on aol.com. Ade and I started this project following the split of our old band. We had pushed hard to succeed. Maybe too hard. We learnt our lessons and this time we took slow calculated moves. We knew what we’d done wrong in the past and our emphasis was on learning from that. Starting fresh felt liberating. We were…

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Coheed & Cambria Drummer Discusses Heroin Addiction

In a recent op-ed Josh Eppard of Coheed & Cambria discusses his addiction to heroin including being kicked out the band and daily struggles. Now having rejoined the band and overcome his addiction, Eppard shares with fans this rocky experience. You can check it out a snippit below. So without any further hold up, I ask you to abandon all bullshit and follow me as I air it out and tell you guys what it was like to become a drug addict—and even more important, how to become an ex-drug…

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