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Album Review: Uh-Huh Baby Yeah! ‘Trash Talk’

The true battle in a conflict isn’t the conflict itself, but how you react to it. Some people overcompensate with optimism, some go back to the way they were (if not a bit wiser), and others become bitter. However, I believe that it’s what you do with those emotions that counts. Uh-huh Baby Yeah! have taken all their feelings and made something out of them. Please follow and like us:

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Kind Of Like Records Release Fest 11 Comp

Kind Of Live Records have released their Fest 11 comp, Kind Of Like A Comp II. You can download it here and check out the track listing below. Luther  The Glory Bees taken from Let’s Get You Somewhere Else  (Chunksaah Records) Sundials  Completely Broken taken from When I Couldn’t Breathe (Asian Man Records) The Sidekicks  Grace taken from Awkward Breeds (Red Scare) Captain, We’re Sinking  Luneth (acoustic) ** exclusive Great Cynics  In The Valley taken from In The Valley Broadway Calls  Open Letter taken from Vision Quest (No Sleep Records) Save Ends  Sweet Defeat taken from Strength Vs. Will Masked Intruder  25 To Life taken from Masked Intruder (Red Scare) Direct Hit!  Fallout…

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