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FILM REVIEW: The Dirties

Here’s the thing about The Dirties. Upon first viewing as you watch the credits roll, it’s hard not to contemplate everything you’ve seen, trying to digest it all. You walk away from it fully recognizing it for the brilliant film it is. But then the next day it hits you harder. And the day after that—harder still. It is one of those films that sits with you long after the final credits have rolled, and for me, I think that’s one of the most impressive traits of film; when it…

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Album Review: The Swellers “Running Out Of Places To Go”

Do The Swellers ever disappoint? Once you’ve had the chance to listen to their latest EP, Running Out Of Places To Go, you’ll be able to answer that pretty quickly. Never. With attention spans diminishing, and the industry getting tighter, strong openings are everything. So when The Swellers dive into their EP, paving the path for the catchy beats and powerful vocals of “Hands,” I’m hooked. In truth, the rest of the EP follows suit, as The Swellers fly through one memorable track after another. While “Making Waves” brings me…

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