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GUEST BLOG: Women Empowerment In The Music Industry

Before iPads, iPods, and Shuffles, I had a discman.  With tiny little headphones, I used to play Mariah Carey’s albums over and over again until I knew every single word.  Going to the music store would be a weekend adventure where I could escape into my favorite melodies, harmonies, and lyrics.  I had this tape player with speakers just big enough to blast in my bedroom which I would connect my discman to.  I would race home from school, grab a snack, and run up to my room. This was…

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ALBUM REVIEW: Our Last Enemy ‘Pariah’

When I first clicked play on Australian industrial metal band Our Last Enemy I wasn’t impressed. It seemed as if I had already heard the song “Devour the Sun” before and not from the groups upcoming album Pariah. It just seemed like all other music of the genre: melodic rhythm guitar over a shredding lead riff with a few breakdowns with some vocals croaked over top. Kind of like Korn and Static-X had a child from New South Wales. But as “Devour the Sun” turned into “Wolves of Perigord,” Our…

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