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The Most Important Thing I’ve Learned: Patience

I have played in various musical projects for the majority of my life, some of those projects did better than others, but the main points of learning ring true for every band, regardless of skill or genre. The main, and most important learning moment that happened for me, and this took quite a while to sink in, but it is critical, is that while playing music you have to learn to be very patient. Patience is a virtue that will never hurt you, but is unfortunately very difficult to manage…

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Andrew McMahon News 

Andrew McMahon Explains ‘The Pop Underground’ Vinyl Delay

Andrew McMahon’s new EP, The Pop Underground, was released on Tuesday. Unfortunately, there’s been a delay with the vinyl pressings. Read an email that was sent to those who purchased the vinyl below, purchase a CD or vinyl of The Pop Underground here and buy concert tickets here! Please follow and like us:

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Death Cab For Cutie News 

Death Cab For Cutie ‘ The Barsuk Years’ Box Set Update

Death Cab For Cutie’s label has updated fans on the shipping progress of the band’s The Barsuk Years box set, setting a ship date of March 31. You can read a message from the label after the jump. Please follow and like us:

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Thrice Anthology’ Vinyl Shipment Details

Thrice have posted an update on their vinyl shipments for Anthology. Check out all the details below. Hi everyone! We have some updates on the vinyl shipments and wanted to pass them along to you. As some of you may already know, quantities of the LPs started shipping last week. We believe some fans already received theirs. The first batch of 500 went out to thw pre-order customers. We expect the rest of those orders to be out the door by the end of this week. We decided to mail the band…

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Thrice Delay ‘Anthology’ LP Release Date

Thrice have had to delay their Anthology 4-LP box sets. You can check out all the details below. We’re aware that fans paid a lot of money for these premium items and we promise we’re on top of the situation. With the bigger LP packages, it seems as though delays are hard to avoid these days. There is currently no definite date by when they’ll be ready to ship. Once we hear back from the plant, we will immediately get in touch with you and supply updates. Again, we cannot apologize…

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