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Top 5 Drummers You’ve Never Heard Of

Having seen the practical use and universal user friendliness of programmed drums it is no wonder that a staggering number of musicians are utilizing them over live drummers.  Being a drummer myself this is somewhat worrisome, but the industry is growing and a smart man does not argue with the inevitable.  The drum machines rise to power is significant but not too scary; there are plenty of super awesome groups that have live drums in perfect symbiosis with electronic elements (I’m looking at you EOTO).  That being said there are a good deal of…

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4 Side Projects That Should Reunite And Make A Comeback

Musicians can be restless souls—uninhibited even by mountains of platinum records and awards. For these individuals, a side project can be the proper outlet to channel one’s overflowing creative energy. While the results vary, side projects can be a wonderful endeavor—offering up a new musical setting for both artists and consumers. Here’s a list of four side projects that should reunite and come back for another go around. Please follow and like us:

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