We Are The In Crowd Announce Stageit Concert

Though the New York pop-rockers have been busily working away on new music, We Are The In Crowd has announced that they will be hosting a Stageit concert on July 5 at 3:30pm (PST)/6:30pm (EST). Stageit is an online venue for live and interactive virtual shows that allows fans to have a unique up close and personal concert experience. We Are The In Crowd will perform an acoustic set, answer questions from fans and (according to their page description) “paint each others faces like your favorite barnyard animals!” Want to get…

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GUEST BLOG: Bands! Want To Gain More Fans? Of Course You Do!

Disclaimer: All of the following is based off of personal experience. I am by no means a music industry veteran. Hopefully this will at least get you started and put you in the right direction! So you’ve got a band together and you have some quality songs recorded, now what? Here are some vital steps that you should take as a new band trying to gain fans and exposure. Most bands/musicians starting out don’t have the luxury of only making music and playing shows. You also have to be a…

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