Infectious Magazine Launches Infectious Radio!

Infectious Magazine is extremely excited to announce that we have launched a one hour radio show on hosted by Angela Mastrogiacomo and Anthony Frith. Co-run by Matty J of CKY and hosting shows by PoochMan, Jess Margera and Hello Cleveland among others, PoochFM is filled with not only the best talent in on air DJs, but an eclectic mix of alternative, hip hop, rock and everything in between. Most importantly, the members of PoochFM have a thriving passion which far exceeds the average station. We couldn’t be happier to…

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CKY’s Matty J & Poochman Launch PoochFM Kickstarter

Internet radio station PoochFM, home of shows by Hello Cleveland, Jess Margera, Infectious Radio (hey, that’s us!) along with countless others has launched a Kickstarter to fund the development of more shows, to fill current dead air time. You can check out an excerpt below and donate here! We are fully interactive, and we are trying to produce FIVE HUNDRED HOURS (500) of pre recorded new programing to air between the hours of 12:00pm and 6:00pm Monday through Friday, starting October 1st, 2012. Your funding contribution will allow us to fill in…

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