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Mental Health Matters: Anxiety & Depression

Mental illness doesn’t politely walk up to your door and ask nicely to come in; it kicks the door down,throat punches you, and then laughs when you cry out in pain. I’ve been dealing with anxiety and depression stemming from PTSD for about as far back as I can recall memories. As a child my mother was constantly stuck cleaning up vomit because I had worked myself into a panic attack in the middle of the night and had thrown up again. Anxiety can cripple you in the moment if…

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Mental Health Matters: Coping with PTSD in the Music Industry

There have been a lot of stories over the past couple of years about sexual and domestic abuse within the music industry. These conversations are mired in hot takes – debates about legality vs. morality, about “call-out culture” and the prevalence of so-called witch hunts, and about separating the art from the artist. I’m not here to debate any of that today. Instead, I’m going to talk about the other half of the abuse coin – the mental health repercussions that can stem from it and how has played into…

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