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MY FIRST TIME: Mike & Matt Gevaza – Continental Recording Studio

The first full length album that we recorded at Continental was the self­titled release from Brooklyn­ based indie rockers John Severin and the Quiet 1s. At the time we were at our gritty Van Dam Street location in LIC. Continental Recording Studio started in Greenpoint, NY in 2008, where we worked endless days and nights honing our craft. We eventually expanded to a location on Van Dam Street in Queens and eventually to our current location is just off of Vernon Boulevard in Long Island City. During the early 2010’s we were experimenting heavily with…

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My First Time: Alex Roy of Sparks The Rescue

Recording in professional studio for the first time can be fun and nerve-wracking at the same time. Check out Sparks The Rescue frontman Alex Roy’s account of the first time they worked in a major studio with a big name producer. If you missed the last “My First Time,” you can read it here: My First Time: Warped Tour Sparks The Rescue has two shows planned in September, and you can buy concert tickets here. You can purchase a CD here. Please follow and like us:

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Real Friends Enter The Studio For New Album

Real Friends have officially begun tracking their debut full-length album. The band is recording at Always Be Genius Recording Studio, the same place where they recorded their 2013 EP, Put Yourself Back Together. You can track Real Friends’ progress in the studio by checking out their Instagram. Real Friends is joining The Wonder Years on tour this spring. You can view concert dates and buy concert tickets here. You can also purchase a CD here.     Please follow and like us:

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Starting Your Own Label And Creating Your Own Music Scene

I first started my label Newsonic while studying at Wesleyan University because I was inspired by the tremendous creative music scene happening there. It was not so much about “creating” a scene, but more about cultivating and fostering a nascent scene.  It was an amazing experience.  In just a few years, we released over 30 CDs, organized festivals, and developed a community orchestra. In 1999, I moved Newsonic to Brooklyn and it transformed from a label into an events space and recording studio.  With the wealth of musical talent in…

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Want To Record Your Music For Free? New Noise Group Can Help

As the saying goes “time is money,” and it makes sense, after all I’m sure almost everyone has had a job that pays an hourly wage where time is very literally money. So it isn’t very surprising to learn that nearly every professional recording studio charges an hourly rate for their services. Surely everyone can understand the fact that there are engineers that need to be compensated for their work and using the space itself costs money just by virtue of the fact that there is a rent to be…

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My Chemical Romance News 

Nada Recording Studio Releases My Chemical Romance Video

Nada Recording Studio released footage of My Chemical Romance recording their debut on the Studio’s Instagram. The video is from 2002 and was made during the recording process of the band’s first album, I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love. You can watch the video here. Buy concert tickets here or purchase a CD here. Please follow and like us:

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Fall Out Boy Recording With Ryan Adams

Fall Out Boy is back in the recording studio with Ryan Adams.  The band posted a photo on social media with the caption “back to work pax am.” Check out the photo after the jump. You can purchase a CD and buy concert tickets here. Please follow and like us:

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For The Fallen Dreams To Enter Studio Next Month

For The Fallen Dreams will enter the studio next month to record their next full-length under Rise Records. Their album Wasted Youth is out now and you can purchase a CD here. Check out a tweet from the band after the jump. Please follow and like us:

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Ray Toro (Ex-My Chemical Romance) In Studio With Voltaire

Ray Toro, ex-lead guitarist of My Chemical Romance, is recording some guitar tracks for Aurelio Voltaire’s upcoming album Raised By Bats! Watch a video of Toro in the recording studio for this album after the jump. Please follow and like us:

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