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ALBUM REVIEW: Our Last Enemy ‘Pariah’

When I first clicked play on Australian industrial metal band Our Last Enemy I wasn’t impressed. It seemed as if I had already heard the song “Devour the Sun” before and not from the groups upcoming album Pariah. It just seemed like all other music of the genre: melodic rhythm guitar over a shredding lead riff with a few breakdowns with some vocals croaked over top. Kind of like Korn and Static-X had a child from New South Wales. But as “Devour the Sun” turned into “Wolves of Perigord,” Our…

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The Musician’s Closet: Kings Of Leon

There is something to be said for bands who go all out with crazy costumes or bright face paint. But bands that perform in subdued, everyday clothing are worth mentioning, as well. Please follow and like us:

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Frank Iero (Ex-My Chemical Romance) Performs New Song

Last night, Frank Iero performed a new acoustic song for a live recording of the podcast, “Going Off Track,”at Union Hall in Brooklyn, NY. So far there has been no mention of a title for the song he performed. Watch a video of Frank Iero playing his new song after the jump, and keep up with Frank Iero at his personal website, and stock up on everything MCR-related here. Please follow and like us:

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ALBUM REVIEW: Portugal.The Man ‘Evil Friends’

It’s as if the boys of Portugal. The Man have pressed play on summer. The title track “Plastic Soldiers” is full of heavy synths and acoustic guitars and the lines, “I can’t keep my head up, no I can’t keep my head up” gets the listener really pumped up. The album segways from “Creep in a T-shirt” and into “Evil Friends”; the title track. “Evil Friends” starts off as dark, mysterious and very typical of Censored Colors, however the song takes a sharp left turn after the first minute, a…

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