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Interview: Stacked Like Pancakes

Infectious Magazine’s Owen Paterline recently had the opportunity to chat with Stacked Like Pancakes to discuss Launch Music Festival, Brass Rock, Kevin Lyman and more. Check it out after the break. Don’t forget to get your tickets to their upcoming show at Ram’s Head Live! and merch here, and to help support their second album here.   Please follow and like us:

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Spose Tour Van Robbed

Native Mainer, and well-known singer Suppose, had his tour van broken into in St. Louis on Monday. Spose, AKA Ryan Peters, had stopped with some friends at a barbecue joint when the incident took place. Between the laptops, microphones, etc. over $30,000 worth of equipment was taken, including recordings for Spose’s upcoming album. Insurance can apparently only cover a small amount, so fans are stepping up. Within 24 hours, over $7,000 has been raised to help the musician. There is currently over $10,000 raised. Donate here. To see Suppose live,…

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You Blew It! Robbed In San Antonio

Punk band from Orlando, You Blew It! was robbed of their merch in San Antonio earlier this week.  The merch van was robbed as it sat in a heavily trafficked parking lot in the middle of San Antonio. The lock on the passenger door was pried open, and most of the band’s gear and personal items were seen being tossed into a Grey Chevy Suburban that quickly drove away. You can read more details and see some photos after the jump. Please follow and like us:

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Geoff Rickly (Thursday) Robbed At Gunpoint

Writer and podcast producer Daniel Ralston has said in a tweet today that Thursday’s Geoff Rickly was robbed at gunpoint last night, and that Rickly is safe and unhurt. No statement has been made from Rickly or Thursday at this point. Please follow and like us:

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